Episode 29 Tom Moffat & Brandon Love from Tango Ontario

Greg and James are joined by Tom Moffat & Brandon Love from Tango Ontario 

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Welcome to Lead to Close:

The Mortgage Professionals Podcast featuring authentic and real conversations amongst Canadian mortgage pros. Hosted by industry leaders Greg Williamson and James Loewen, with unfiltered opinions and no topic off limits, these are the conversations you wished the industry was having.

Today we’re joined by Tom Moffat  and Brandon Love from Tango Ontario. While so many brokers have a love-hate relationship working with realtors, Tom and Brandon see it as a goldmine. Of course, it’s not just about targeting all realtors—it’s really about targeting the right ones that will help you find success in this industry.

Opening an organic conversation and using a soft ask helps Tom and Brandon build mutually beneficial relationships in the industry. In this episode, they’ll provide some insight into their approach and process, and their passion for gamifying their business.


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On this Episode of Lead to Close:

  • How Tom and Brandon met and ended up working together.
  • When each of them got their licenses and what they’re now building together.
  • How they’ve managed to find success in such a short amount of time in the industry.
  • Their unique take on targeting realtors and how they choose to network.
  • How they’ve sustained their business in a down market.
  • Why focusing on working with realtors just makes sense.
  • The right way to choose realtors to work with versus the ones to avoid.
  • Tips for being successful when you’re starting out in the mortgage business.
  • How doing your reps (regarding meetings) can help you land more deals.
  • How many meetings Tom and Brandon do each week and why.
  • A strategy for adding a little healthy competition to your business.
  • The CRM that they just started using.
  • What their conversations with realtors look like.
  • The percentage of realtors who receive their emails that tend to engage.






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