The power of the Finmo ecosystem

Finmo was built with an open API, meaning you can connect to nearly any other system. Finmo is also set up on Zapier so you can easily connect yourself – no developers or coding required.
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CRM & Integrations

Connect Finmo to your CRM, email sytem, Trello board in just a few clicks


Brokeredge's integration with Finmo provides instant access to all relevant deal information – from mortgage details to borrower and property information – as well as insights into lenders and partners. Brokeredge ensures you're always informed and prepared.


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BluMortgage and Finmo have come together to create one of the most robust CRM and mortgage platform integration available. Streamline your mortgage process and offer the best experience for your clients.



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Pipedrive test-02


Create Pipedrive deals from new applications started in Finmo, or update existing Pipedrive deals when a borrower submits their Finmo application.

How to connect Finmo + Pipedrive
Zoho Test-06


Create or update Zoho modules, add tags, convert leads and more, based on a borrower's behaviour in Finmo.

How to connect Finmo + Zoho
Salesforce Logo test-13


Create or update contacts in Salesforce when they being an application. Add contacts to campaigns in Salesforce, based on their behaviour in Finmo.

How to connect Finmo + Salesforce
Excel logo test-10

Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet or CRM
Sync data between Finmo and Excel spreadsheets.

How to connect Finmo + Microsoft Excel
Salesmate logo test-14


Create Salesmate deals from new applications started in Finmo.

How to connect Finmo + Salesmate
hubspot logo test-07


Add contacts to lists or workflows, create contacts, companies or associations in Hubspot, all based on your selected Finmo milestones.

How to connect Finmo + Hubspot
Trello Test-03


Task Management
Create Trello cards from new applications started in Finmo, complete with checklist items and more with the Trello integration.

How to connect Finmo + Trello
Slack test-08


Communication Platform
Add reminders, create channels, send messages, set statuses and more in Slack, pending the Finmo criteria you choose.

How to connect Finmo + Slack


Project Management
Create or update tasks, projects or stories based on Finmo activity like new application started.

How to connect Finmo + Asana
Mailchimp logo test-04


E-mail Marketing
Manage unsubscribes, custom events, tags and campaigns in mailchimp, all based on triggers you choose from FInmo.

How to connect Finmo + Mailchimp
gmail logo test-12


Communication Platform
Create email triggers in Gmail, based on certain behaviours in Finmo. Send an email to follow up on abandoned applications, once application is submitted from borrower, deal sent to lender, and more.

How to connect Finmo + Gmail
Microsoft Outlook logo test-05

Microsoft Outlook

Communication Platform
Depending on certain Finmo actions you indicate, create email drafts to review then send out, new events or new contacts.

How to connect Finmo + Microsoft Outlook
one drive logo test-11

One Drive

File Storage
Create new text files in One Drive from plain text content you specify, or automatically upload files when certain actions happen in Finmo.

How to connect Finmo + One Drive
Google drive test-01

Google Drive

File Storage
Create Google Drive folders from new applications that are submitted by borrowers in Finmo.

How to connect Finmo + Google Drive
Calendar logo test-15


Scheduling Tool
Create Google Calendar events from new applications started in Finmo.

How to connect Finmo + Google Calendar