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Module 1

Finmo Walkthrough & Best Practices

45 min

What we will cover:
  • How to easily underwrite and review a file
  • How to build quick product comparisons
    to present to your client
  • How to analyze rental income on subject
    & non-subject properties
  • How to quickly set up your favourite lenders
  • Smart Submission notes & Submission
  • Quick compliance & e-signing walkthrough

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Module 2

Finmo Onboarding & Team Setup

30 min

What we will cover:
  • Your account setup & Data
  • Team Brading
  • Inviting Team members
  • Smart docs
  • Compliance setup
  • Submission details
  • Notifications
  • Other deal settings

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Module 3

Finmo & CRM Integrations

30 min

What we will cover:
  • Review Finmo Integrations page
  • Zapier.com introduction
  • Integrated systems such as Blumortgage
    & Brokeredge flows
  • Show an example of a set of ‘Zaps’
  • Share the Client Experience timeline
    & make it yours

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Module 4

Lender Spotlight Walkthrough

30 min

What we will cover:
  • Lender Spotlight seamless integration with Finmo
  • How to select the best rate for your deals
  • Dynamic filtering options to refine your search results based on specific criteria such as loan type, term, or interest rate.
  • How to compare rates from various lenders and share branded reports with your clients

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