All Lender Rates and Policies in One Place

Lender Spotlight is the most complete and accurate database of rates and policies for the productive mortgage broker.

There are two versions of Lender Spotlight - basic (free) and platinum ($49 a month).
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Here's what Lender Spotlight Offers


Thousands of lender rates and policies, Updated Daily

Lender rates, policies, documents and contacts all included. Looking for a BDM contact or specific policy? It's all here. Upgrade to Lender Spotlight Platinum to receive the full scope of lenders, policies and advanced rate filters.

Dedicated Alternative Lending Section

Available on both Lender Spotlight basic and platinum, there is a section just for alternative lenders featuring over 50 lenders and hundreds of products. Search by loan type, loan goal, location, property type and more.

Compare & Share

Create branded reports for your clients with side by side comparisons for product options.

Upgrade to Lender Spotlight Platinum required.

A Digital Mortgage Experience

Chat with our team at a time that suits you and we'll show you how Lender Spotlight works alongside Finmo, to give you a mortgage in minutes.
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Connect Lender Spotlight to your submission platform.

Lender Spotlight integrates into Finmo, a digital mortgage platform.

When working your deal in Finmo, you'll be suggested specific lenders that meet your application criteria, and see specific lender's policies before submitting to them.

When you submit your deals on Finmo, you can also enjoy Lender Spotlight Platinum at no cost.

Lender Spotlight Platinum & Finmo

If you use Finmo to submit your deals, you can enable Lender Spotlight Platinum at no cost.


*when sign up is done through Finmo

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Offer the digital mortgage experience your clients are looking for. Borrowers love being able to use Finmo how they want, when they want.

  • Borrower facing application and support available in both English and French
  • Mobile friendly application that borrowers can use anywhere – laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • Easily upload documentation
  • Send updates via SMS
  • Simple E-signing
Daily Updates

Lender Spotlight is updated daily and existing data is verified regularly. Rest assured, accuracy is the top priority.

Lender Rates
Get access to a growing number of lenders including Credit Unions and alternate lenders.
60+ Lenders
Alternative Lending Area
A dedicated area of  alternate lenders, with alternative lending specific filters including loan goal, loan type, location, property type, and more. 
40+ Alternative Lenders
Advanced Filters
Advanced search and filters capabilities including beacon score, programs, and regional availability, allow you to find what you need in seconds.
Policies & Guidelines
Access to thousands of lender policies and guidelines. These policies and guidelines are easily searched by lender, policy type and are clearly marked which lender does (or does not) apply the policy. Lender policies are now available to be surfaced in Finmo during the submit to lender step.
Product Comparison
Compare lender products and their policies side by side with Lender Spotlight's Compare and Share feature. A perfect way to showcase to your client that it's not always about rate, this feature allows you to select specific lenders, and highlight rate and policies in a side by side comparison. You'll also be able to share this with your clients, in a personalized branded PDF. 

What Our Clients Say


Tristan Kirk

Principal Broker | Managing Partner, Citadel Mortgages
"Spotlight has played a very important role in the education and training part of our business with our agents. The ability to see in real time the policies of lenders and the contact information of our lender partners in one place has been the main reason in our growth with our lender partners. Spotlight has made looking at rates and lender guidelines simple and fun while increasing our productivity!"

D'Arcy Henneberry

President, Mortgage Pal
“Spotlight is a critical tool I use all day, every day. I simply couldn't operate as efficiently as I do now, without it. Whether I am at my computer or I am using the new phone app, I am able to search and quote rates with ease. I also use the policy section on a daily basis. With so many new features like the amazing Compare Products tool, I recommend Spotlight to every broker in the market. Honestly, it's a no brainer.”

Kerry Butler

Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Pal
“Game changer! Spotlight has revolutionized the way the industry searches for products, policies and rates. The time it could take for a comprehensive search has now been reduced to a fraction with Spotlight. And those deals that you don't know where to take... simple with Spotlight! Just filter or search and you get your lender options. I wouldn't want to run my business without it!”