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of sifting through dense policy documents

Say hello to your Lender Spotlight AI Assistant.
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Unrivalled intelligence,
tailored for you

Understand any mortgage policy in seconds. Our AI Assistant is designed to be your personalized efficiency partner. It sorts through over 7,000 mortgage policies and answers your most complex questions.

Streamlined success

Cut through the noise with your AI Assistant and provide answers to customers faster.
Spotlight AI - Streamline-success

Cost-saving insights

Minimize the time spent on research and policy analysis. It's like employing a team of experts 24/7, without the overheads.
Spotlight AI - Cost-saving insights

A seamless experience, anywhere

Whether you're in the office or on the move, your AI Assistant is easy to use and accessible from any device.
Spotlight AI - A seamless experience

How does it work?

1. Select the scenario that best suits your needs

Whether you're in search of a specific lender policy or exploring alternatives, the AI Assistant is here to help.

2. Ask your policy question

Engage with your AI Assistant just like you would with an experienced Business Development Manager (BDM). Your policy questions are always answered with valuable insights and solutions.

3. Refine answers with search parameters

Choose province, lender type, and your favourite lenders to narrow down the answer to your policy questions.

4. Receive quick responses

No more waiting for help. The AI Assistant will deliver answers to your policy questions in a prompt and efficient way.

CAD $29/seat/month

Only available with Lender Spotlight Platinum subscriptions (Solo or Team).
A credit card is required to subscribe.
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