Featured Ambassador

Christine Buemann

"The logistics around mortgage financing will continue to change but how we react is evolving. I'm optimistic about the celebration of empathic, kind and authentic leadership in the industry."
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Featured Ambassador

Doug Adlam

“Our broker business in Guelph has grown by over 2x, without adding more people to the team, since we started using Finmo.”
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Featured Ambassador

Frances Hinojosa

"As the mortgage environment is getting more complex and confusing for clients, the professional and personalized advice a mortgage broker can provide is further enhanced by the advancements in technology."
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Featured Ambassador

Andrew Sikomas

"Technology is going to help brokers do what we do best, which is to skilfully help our clients navigate a very complex and competitive real estate and mortgage landscape."
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Lendesk Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are leaders in the industry that help connect us to the larger community of Canadian mortgage professionals. We're grateful for their leadership, feedback and input to help Lendesk continue to innovate and grow.