Frances Hinojosa

President, Co-Founder and Mortgage Broker at Tribe Financial

Burlington, Ontario



Frances Hinojosa is a seasoned leader in the mortgage industry with over 25 years of success in the financial services industry and one of the founding partners of Tribe Financial Group. Tribe Financial Group is a boutique mortgage firm in the GTA that has grown from 3 agents to a firm of 27, that specializes in customized and advisory based mortgage planning with a belief in setting the bar high for mortgage lending excellence through integrity, transparency and heart.

Hinojosa’s passion for the industry can be seen not only in her impressive business numbers, but also in her efforts to mentor people in both business and life skills. Apart from continuously mentoring agents within the firm, she also arranges one on one coaching sessions with professionals in the industry.

As a dedicated member of both Mortgage Professionals Canada and CMBA, apart from running the firm and her own practise, Hinojosa has been a member of the advisory boards at Teranet, Home Trust, Community Trust and 100 Brokers Who Cares.

Frances has been bestowed the following mortgage industry accolades: The Top 75 Mortgage Brokers in Canada Award for 2014 and 2015, Women of Influence Award in 2015, 2017, 2019, 2020, WIMI 2019 Leadership Award and 2020 CMP Top Brokerage Award for Tribe Financial Group. Frances Lives in Oakville with her partner Tomas, daughters Eva and Leila and dog Bear; she enjoys summer weekends at the cottage with her family and a good book.
As the mortgage environment is getting more complex and confusing for clients, the professional and personalized advice a mortgage broker can provide is further enhanced by the advancements in technology

- Frances Hinojosa


What are you most optimistic about when it comes to the Canadian Mortgage industry?
I am most optimistic seeing how independent companies such as FINMO are leading the way for innovation through technology to further elevate professional Mortgage Brokers in Canada.  

As the mortgage environment is getting more complex and confusing for clients, the professional and personalized advice a mortgage broker can provide is further enhanced by the advancements in technology. This helps to create a seamless and personalized experience that keeps up with today’s technology expectations of the end client.

How did you become a mortgage broker?
I started my career at a major financial institution 27 years ago. I have always had a passion for personal finance and found there was a gap when it came to advising clients on managing their debt.  As I progressed in my career at the bank, and moved into a Mortgage Specialist role, I found that clients deserved to be provided with advice based on their unique financial goals with access to a wide suite of mortgage solutions. I decided to transition to a Licensed Mortgage Broker so I would be able to provide clients with advisory based mortgage services that can further elevate their financial goals.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?
Outside of running my practise and the firm Tribe Financial, I am passionate about serving others through philanthropy and mentoring/coaching women to achieve their greatest life while finding their harmony in living.

What’s one thing about being a mortgage broker that you wish you knew “back then”?
I wish I had adopted technology more in my practice to automate certain processes.  The hardest part, I have learned, is changing the way you do your business in order to progress and simplify.  Technology is not to be feared but embraced, to create harmony and time in your life.

What’s your favourite podcast or book?
I am an avid reader so it’s difficult to only reference one book.  However my top reads are The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma, The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey, Untamed by Glennon Doyle, Sell From Love by Finka Jerkovic and Exactly What to Say by Phil Jones.

How does Finmo fit into your process?

Finmo is both a broker and consumer friendly technology that will both simplify and elevate your mortgage practice.  For years brokers have been chasing the “white rabbit” to find that autonomous technology solution to revolutionize their business and Finmo is just that; a solution that is nonpartisan and current to today’s technology standard.

Finmo is an essential part of our practice. It’s the “all in one” tool that most brokers are missing today to ensure they remain current in a rapidly changing technology environment. It allows the professional Mortgage Broker to create more time in their day and provide a professional, seamless mortgage process for clients. 

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