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Andrew Sikomas

Mortgage Broker at Click Mortgage (licensed with Quantus Mortgage Solutions) 

Calgary, Alberta



Andrew is based in Calgary, Alberta and has been a broker in the Canadian Mortgage Industry for over a decade. Andrew believes details are key, and is passionate about helping clients navigate the complex and competitive real estate and mortgage landscape.
Technology is going to help brokers do what we do best, which is to skilfully help our clients navigate a very complex and competitive real estate and mortgage landscape.

- Andrew Sikomas


What are you most optimistic about when it comes to the Canadian Mortgage industry?I'm most optimistic about how technology is going to help brokers do what we do best, which is to skilfully help our clients navigate a very complex and competitive real estate and mortgage landscape. Canadian Fintech is almost there - and the technology I'm using today helps me focus more on finding the best solution for people, and less on repetitive administrative tasks.

How did you become a mortgage broker?
I started out as one of those super keen clients who wanted all the details about all of the details. My mortgage broker and wife at the time both suggested I might be good at it, so I took the course, got my license, and ten years later here we are.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?
When I'm not working I'm probably renovating or doing some project around the house. I am an avid traveller and plan to do a ton of it as soon as possible!

What’s one thing about being a mortgage broker that you wish you knew “back then”?
I wish someone would have told me how difficult it would be to take fully disconnected time off. Having colleagues you trust with your clients and great administrative support is helpful, but every broker knows the best way to get your phone to ring off the hook is to take time off.

What’s your favourite podcast or book?
I really love the Smartless podcast with Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes, and I'm currently reading Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, which so far appears set to become, if not my new favorite book, the most impactful one I've read.

How does Finmo fit into your process?
Finmo has always evolved according to the needs and wishes of the users, and I hope that continues – because that's one of my favorite things about Finmo: how responsive everyone is to feedback and suggestions. I would explain Finmo to a non-user as being a (nearly) end-to-end digital portal for brokers, lenders, and borrowers to arrange mortgages in minutes.

Finmo is an essential and co-primary element of my processes, the other being the CRM I use. It is one of my home tabs when I open my browser, and we rely on it to keep our business moving.

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