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Digital mortgage platform for application intake, document collection and direct to lender submission.
The most complete and accurate digital database of lender rates and policies.
Showcase your residential loan solutions in the Alternative Lending section of Lender Spotlight.
Digital mortgage solutions for alternative lenders.
Open APIs to customize and optimize systems you already have.
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A Celebration of Innovation and Technology with Finmo's Lender Connect. Until September 10, every deal submitted through Fimno's Lender Connect gains 1 entry to win.

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Lender Submission, Upgraded!

Lender Connect is the best toolkit for sending, tracking, and closing deals with your favourite lenders. Use it today in Finmo.
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Offer a Digital Mortgage Experience

Finmo is fast and easy to learn. Get started today and enjoy an optimized mortgage experience, from application intake to product qualification to direct to lender submission.
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Alternative Lenders now in Lender Spotlight!

Showcasing residential loan solutions for thousands of brokers.

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A Complete Digital Mortgage Experience

Lendesk enables mortgage professionals with a complete end to end digital mortgage solution, the best of its kind in the Mortgage industry.

Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new clients is not an easy task, and while referrals can certainly provide a lot of the leads you need, going digital with others methods is what will give mortgage professionals the edge.

Finmo’s affordability calculators offer a world-class marketing funnel that your prospective clients will love and enable you to generate business even when you’re not on the clock.

Application Intake

In an increasingly digital world, mortgage professionals need to offer borrowers the experience they have come to expect.

Finmo gives borrowers control of their application and documentation. Borrowers can complete the mortgage process at their own pace, which also increases productivity for mortgage professionals, as less oversight is required for each deal.

Product Qualification

When competing with banks for a client’s business, mortgage professionals need to offer additional value and be the expert when it comes to lenders, products and policies.

With Lender Spotlight, mortgage professionals have quick access to thousands of rates and policies so they can find the best mortgage product for their client.

Present Products

Showcase your value to your clients and gain a competitive edge. Often borrowers are fixated on rates. Win more deals with Lender Spotlight by showcasing there is a lot more to a mortgage product than just a rate.

Leverage Spotlight’s “Compare and Share” feature to compare lender products, including policies, and create professionally branded reports to share with your clients.

Application Submission

After an application is filled out, you want to ensure the submission process is smooth and straight forward. Going back and forth with your borrower over email requesting ad hoc documents is insecure and cumbersome.

With Finmo’s intuitive application, the heavy lifting is done for you. Request and collect documents automatically, all at the push of a button.

Application Review

With the industry moving towards greater security, financial institutions, alternative and private lenders need to adopt secure and modern software to handle incoming applications.

Lendesk’s Gateway is a SOC2 compliant web-based Loan Origination System and Deal Portal for lenders. Receive deals from brokers and other channel partners, store all of your documents, manage renewals and more.

Fulfill Conditions

As a mortgage professional, fulfilling conditions is an essential step before you can officially cross the finish line.

Finmo’s advanced deal validation algorithms ensure that the information you send to a lender is what they’re looking for. In the off-chance that any changes to the deal are required, Finmo allows for instantaneous communication with the lender, and for the submission to be updated.

The Only Products a Mortgage Broker Needs

For a limited time, Lendesk is offering Finmo Pro and Lender Spotlight Platinum for only $49/month. This productivity suite is full-stack. From application to documentation, we’ve got you covered.
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Lendesk Enterprise

API driven mortgage solutions for enterprise businesses.

Create entirely custom workflows that fit your needs and your current tech stack, regardless of scale. Connect to banks, credit unions, to CRMs and more.

Lendesk Enterprise is centered around a well documented, RESTful API. The only limit to your integration is your imagination.

What Clients Say About Us


Conrad Neufeldt

CEO of Kasper
“Lendesk is a game changer for us, our lenders, and the experiences we can build for our clients. For the first time in my career I can say I’m truly excited at the prospect of legitimate technology innovation in our channel.”

Frances Hinojosa

Tribe Financial
“Lendesk is full of fantastic people making world-class technology. They’re engaged and driven to create the best possible experience for both the brokers and their clients.”

Yassir Jiwan

Digital Innovation Lead,

Equifax Canada
“Lendesk is an important partner as we work together in bringing innovative solutions to market. I am excited to see the launch of their new point-of-sale system.”

Working With the Best

From leading financial institutions and innovation hubs, to industry associations and technology providers, the common thread among all our relationships is the same high standards for security, and excellence.
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