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Christine Buemann

Co-Owner at The Collective Mortgage Group

Prince George, British Columbia



Christine started as a Mortgage Broker in 2010 and has been investing in real estate throughout Northern BC since 2005. She is passionate about mortgages and is often commended for her ability to think “outside of the box”. Whether it pertains to qualifying or overall cost savings, protecting her clients and working for their best interest is always a top priority.
The logistics around mortgage financing will continue to change but how we react is evolving. I'm optimistic about the celebration of empathetic, kind and authentic leadership in the industry.

- Christine Buemann


What are you most optimistic about when it comes to the Canadian Mortgage industry?
The celebration and promotion of empathic, kind and authentic leadership. The logistics around mortgage financing will continue to change but how we react to change is evolving.

How did you become a mortgage broker?
I was enrolled and excited to start my educationational journey in Acupuncture however I had a gut feeling that it may not ultimately be the best career path for me. I had purchased my first home at age 19, my third one by 23, and firmly believed in the value of using a Mortgage Broker. Although I had no previous finance or banking experience (other than the school of hard knocks), I ultimately decided to pursue my passion in mortgages.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?
My family is my "why". I love reading, learning, creating, exploring, connecting, philosophy and helping.

What’s one thing about being a mortgage broker that you wish you knew “back then”?
A perceived problem is only as big as you allow it to feel in the moment. It's only a mistake if you don't learn from it.

What’s your favourite podcast or book?
This is a hard one as it is usually the last one I finished. For now, I would say Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Red Notice is hard to beat as well.

How does Finmo fit into your process?
We love Finmo! The predictive questions, improved user experience and mostly the smart docs. It not only maximizes efficiency for us to have as much documentation up front as possible, it is an instant action item for the client.

Finmo fits seamlessly into our process and it was easy to integrate into our CRM and automations. We use the calculators available and appreciate that they are consistently looking for ways to innovate and improve.

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