Get to know your Alternative lenders and their niches, part 2

We’ve heard from our clients that Lender Spotlight is a great database to find lender rates and policies. What some people don’t know is that the Alternative Lending area is a little gem featuring lenders who will consider unique cases. Here's your chance to get to know some of them.

The alternative lenders on Lender Spotlight may be the lenders that you don't know much about, but they might also be the lenders you're looking for. To highlight some of these lenders, we've asked them "what is the niche that you'd love people to know more about you?" and here's what they say.


“Big town, small towns, and everything in between. Not all lenders will consider small town or rural financing, but we will!”


“We have been Quebec's leading private mortgage lender for over 23 years and have now been serving Ontario for 10 years. We are self-financed which means when brokers speak with us, they are speaking with the lender - no outside investors and intermediaries. This means we have the freedom to structure a loan that will suit the client's real needs - whether this means prepaying all or part of the interest payments or not changing lender fees (for 1 year terms).”


“We specialize in 2nd mortgage financing with up to 75% LTV."


“We are especially flexible (terms closed for only 3 months) and have personal service. The brokers discussed their files with us directly and they know very quickly if it’s a yes or a no.”


“Neighbourhood’s specialty is speed without the premiums or faff. Top alternative brokers appreciate our quick turnaround times, low documentation requirements, and competitive rates. Our borrowers are in transition to the prime space, so we can rely on a broker’s story and exit strategy to lend based on common sense.”


“Our niche is that we offer a variety of mortgage products across all asset classes. For example we consider commercial construction deals, or another example is that we provide loans for servicing residential lots which will eventually become commercial development.”


“We have excellent service. Our ability to fund a deal within 24 hours, and our fairness to their clients. RiverRock is a no hidden fee lender; we are upfront about origination costs and we will not burn your client at renewal or pay out.”


“It's the ability we give our broker/agent partners to select the best rate & fee combo that works for the situation their clients are in. Whether it's a fee/no fee option and or open/closed.”


“We have a consistent, basic low lending fee pricing model. This is what sets VWR apart in the private residential home financing market. When brokers are calculating the options for their clients, it is clear that our lending fees, combined with the rate, are very transparent and easy to understand. With 30+ years of feedback, having low lending fees has been the reason our partners keep coming back to VWR Capital!”

Learned some cool things about these lenders and interested in working with them? Check them out on Lender Spotlight where you can get their contact information, and don’t forget to submit your file to them via Finmo Pro! Stick around for more as we have a part 2 coming up.

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