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Finmo is a digital mortgage platform for the modern mortgage broker. Enjoy an optimized mortgage experience, from application intake to product qualification to direct to
lender submission.

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The Digital Mortgage Platform for the Modern Mortgage Broker

An optimized mortgage experience that enables a mortgage in minutes for Canadian mortgage professionals; from application intake to product qualification to direct to
lender submission.

1. Get started in 1 minute

Upon sign up to Finmo, there is a mobile friendly, intuitive application link ready to start sending to borrowers.

2. Best borrower experience

Finmo was built borrower first, meaning everything from document collection to communications is easy and intuitive.

3. Smart Docs reduces admin time

When a broker sends the link to the borrower, Finmo analyzes the borrower’s application and automatically requests the right documents from the borrower, and follows up when needed. No action or chasing needed from the broker.

4. Qualify a borrower in minutes

With Finmo’s Equifax integration, quickly pull credit and get liabilities automatically added to the application. GDS and TDS are calculated instantly, for you. Finmo offers e-signing workflows – documents can be set up for virtual signature with a few clicks.

5. Select and present lender products with confidence

Search thousands of lender policies and rates (including alternative lenders), and within seconds, lender products that fit best with the specific application criteria will be suggested.

6. Submit directly to a lender in Finmo

Use Finmo's Lender Connect to submit directly to a network of over 260 lenders, including Scotia, MCAP Prime, MCAP Eclipse, CMLS Financial, First National, Home Trust, and RFA.

7. Run compliance on auto-pilot

After a submission to the lender, compliance managers can quickly review the compliance checklist that Finmo automatically populates.

Improve Your
Client Experience

Finmo offers an out of the box digital mortgage experience for your clients. Book a 15 minute Discovery Call to learn more about how Finmo can help your brokerage close deals and save time today.

What's new at Finmo

Some of our recently released features.
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Lender Connect

Work a deal twice as fast, when you work it entirely in Finmo.

With direct connectivity to over 300 lenders, Lender Connect is the best toolkit for sending, tracking, and closing deals with your favourite lenders.
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Lender policies

Do you ever find you're just about to submit a deal, but want to triple check that Lender's policy on something first?

Through the Lender Spotlight integration, you're now able to see an overview of specific lender's policies on the Finmo submit screen.

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Analytics and Reporting Dashboard

The insights you need to scale your business.

Track your team's performance, including insights on number of deals submitted, funded volume, average mortgage size, application to fund ratio and more.

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Offer the Best Borrower Experience

Offer the digital mortgage experience your clients are looking for. Borrowers love being able to use Finmo how they want, when they want.

  • Borrower facing application and support available in both English and French
  • Mobile friendly application that borrowers can use anywhere – laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • Easily upload documentation
  • Send updates via SMS
  • Simple E-signing
Reduce Admin Work with Productivity Tools
Build your dream workflow by intelligently connecting Finmo to more than 2,000 popular apps, such as Google sheets or Zoho.
  • Manage Team Access and Permissions
  • Leverage Equifax integration to pull credit with a simple click of a button. Includes instant GDS and TDS calculations and updates.
  • Connect to any CRM or software
  • Mobile friendly platform
  • Automatically request documentation
  • Set auto reminders for clients
  • Unlimited E-signature requests
  • Get updates via SMS
  • Priority live chat / phone support
Select and Present Lender Products
Through Finmo's Lender Spotlight integration, select and recommend lender products with confidence. With the click of a button, Finmo will search Lender Spotlight's database of thousands of lender rates and policies to suggest products specific to certain application criteria. Learn more about Lender Spotlight
  • Application specific lender product recommendations
  • Access to over 3,000 Lender Policies and Guidelines
  • 16 Advanced Filters to narrow search results
  • Branded PDF reporting capabilities to share side by side comparisons to borrowers
Lender Submission, Upgraded
With Finmo's Lender Connect, confidently submit directly to a network of over 260 lenders. 
  • Submit Directly to over 260 Lenders
  • Compliance Manager: Compliance checklist that automatically populates
Increase Leads and Referrals
Increase your market share by tapping into online advertising. Finmo offers world-class marketing funnels right out of the box.
  • Customize your borrower facing materials, including application links, with your branding
  • Trackable application links so you can manage your referral business
  • Branded affordability calculators
  • Marketing analytics integrations
  • Removal of "Powered by Finmo" in email footers
Finmo puts security first with features such as two factor authentication. We keep yours, and your clients data, completely secure.
  • Secure application and document intake
  • Secure deal submission
  • Two factor authentication

Join over 10,000 mortgage professionals

Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd

The Home Happy Team
"Finmo is a game changer. One of the keys to really great software is when all the little details are thought of, and the end result is super simple...our client's have been really happy with how easy it is for them to get their information over to us through this amazing online application. They also like having a place they can sign in, upload their docs safely and easily (drag and drop!), and view where their mortgage application is at. If you are in business in 2019, your client deserves better...Finmo delivers the next level client experience."

Kim McKenney

DLC The Mortgage Source
"... [We] could not be more pleased with how easy [Finmo] was to set up and use. The client experience has been amazing. We are receiving more completed applications than ever before. The agents who are using Finmo successfully are able to get back to their clients faster and have said that the information entered is more accurate than with their previous online application. The service level at Finmo is amazing so we are getting answers and new user setups very quickly. "

Paul Gazzola

Lambden-Gazzola Mortgages
"Our team has been using Finmo for the past two months. The application process, in one word, is seamless. We've received positive feedback from our clients; the most important being the reduction in time spent applying. Any time we have had a question or suggestion for the platform, we received a response within minutes. We do not hesitate in recommending Finmo to anyone looking for a professional, yet user friendly application process, with excellent service to follow!"

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