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Tesla Giveaway

A Celebration of Innovation and Technology with Finmo's Lender Connect.

Enter to Win a Tesla Model 3


The Giveaway

The Tesla Giveaway starts
July 6, 2021, 9am (PST) and ends Sept 10, 2021 at 9pm (PST). It is open to residents of all Canadian provinces except Quebec.

To be applicable, you must be the submitting agent on the deal and you must submit directly to a lender via Finmo’s Lender Connect.

Get set up on
Lender Connect

Log into Finmo and check your dashboard. If it says “Start submitting to our lenders” then you are good to go. If not, please follow the prompts in the checklist to get set up.

Need help? Book a time with us and we’ll get you sorted.

Submit To win
a Tesla

Every time you submit an application to a lender using Finmo’s Lender Connect, you’ll automatically receive one entry.

The more submissions you make, the greater are your chances of winning.
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This contest is subject to the full rules and entry details available at lendesk.com/tesla-promotion-rules

Lender Submission, Upgraded!

Lender Connect is the best toolkit for sending, tracking, and closing deals with your favourite lenders. Use it today in Finmo.
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Lender Connect is 2x faster. Work the entire deal in Finmo.

Submitting deals has never been easier, faster or more intuitive than with Lender Connect.

Work faster with less mistakes

All-new smart validations help you send lenders more complete applications. It’s like spell check but for mortgage applications.

Select products with confidence

Lender Spotlight integrates directly with Finmo which takes out all the guesswork of selecting a product while supercharging your efficiency.

Run compliance on

After a submission to the lender, quickly review the compliance checklist that Finmo automatically populates for you.

one click credit bureaus

With our Equifax integration, quickly pull credit and get liabilities automatically added to the application.

Enhance your document generation

Edit disclosure to borrower PDFs in real time, store default text for each document, and import documents into your e-signing package in a matter of seconds.

Powerful workflows & integrations

Kick off automated processes in your other tools once the submission or lender response happens using our flexible integrations.

Why use Lender Connect for your deal submission?


For a limited time, we’re giving away one FREE tax document package for each lender submission.

By simply taking a better, faster path to get a deal to a lender, you’re also improving the experience for your clients.
Book a training to take advantage. Promotion Rules

Lender submissions the Finmo way

We’ve taken patterns and lessons from our industry leading borrower experience and applied them to the Lender Connect. While the interface and submission experience is different, it’s quick to learn and saves you hours a week once you’ve learned it.
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Switch now to make sure you get powerful functionality later

Harness premium analytics and get actionable insights for your business.

Future Features

Analytics Dashboard

Insightful lender analysis — funding ratios, volume, bps per lender and much more. Better data means better business decisions.


Automated Submission Notes

Forget about manually typing submission notes. Finmo will pre-populate the most important information about the deal for you. All you need to do is add or tweak a few things, and you’re ready to submit.


Simple Scenario Building Now live in Finmo!

Eliminate the guess and check involved in determining maximum borrowing potential. Lender Connect will help you qualify faster and test different scenarios.


  Timely Recommendations

Closing date is coming up? No response from underwriter since submission? Tax documents have not been uploaded by your borrowers? We will keep track of all this for you.

What Brokers are Saying


Adrian Schulz

Centum Financial
"I was blown away by the intuitive user experience of underwriting and submitting a deal direct to Lender in Finmo. Total game changer."

Tristan Kirk

Citadel Mortgages
"Really excited about Lender Connect. One thing we really like is how quick the deals load in to the lender portals - it's so fast!"

Kambi Heywood

"I have successfully submitted two deals direct! The actual process of setting up deals in Finmo and direct submitting is pretty slick. Overall great experience!"

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