Episode 26 Cheryl Buhs Part 2

Greg and James are joined by Cheryl Buhs VP National Sales at RFA Mortgage Corporation 

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Welcome to Lead to Close:

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In this episode we’re continuing our conversation with Cheryl Buhs, the VP of National Sales at RFA Mortgage Corporation. In part 1, Cheryl shared her tips for being a favoured lender, building relationships between lenders and brokers, and how RFA identifies and avoids inefficiencies.

This time, Cheryl explores different models in the market and how RFA goes about finding the best possible solutions for clients, including those looking to refinance their home. She also discusses rates of renewal and why it’s important for lenders to play a balancing game.


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On this Episode of Lead to Close:

  • The types of models that independent lenders are using.
  • The innovative program RFA is launching and how it works.
  • What RFA is doing to create easy wins for clients and brokers.
  • How it helps for RFA to be a one-stop shop for everybody.
  • How RFA encourages brokers to think of them first.
  • Gaps in the market and areas of growth for lenders.
  • What brokers tend to overestimate and why they need to shift their perspective.
  • Different approaches for rates of renewal and midterm refinancing.
  • The issue clients are coming up against when seeking to refinance.
  • The balancing game that every lender is trying to figure out and why it’s a challenge.
  • Why brokers need to take a closer look at the role they play in refinancing issues.
  • How most people end up choosing refinancing, and how that’s approached by brokers.
  • The big thing that Cheryl’s family decided when they moved.

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