Ep 04: Choosing Your Brokerage or Network

Greg and James sit down with Frances Hinojosa, from Tribe Financial, for a discussion about choosing a brokerage.

Welcome to Lead to Close: The Mortgage Professionals Podcast featuring authentic and real conversations amongst Canadian mortgage pros. Hosted by industry leaders James Loewen and Greg Williamson, with unfiltered opinions and no topic off limits, these are the conversations you wished the industry was having.

In this episode, Greg and James are sitting down with Frances Hinojosa, President, Co-Founder, and Mortgage Broker at Tribe Financial. She is also a Lendesk ambassador. They’re getting into what you need to consider when choosing a brokerage as well as a network.

You’ll hear about some of the topics people in this industry tend to shy away from: the antics, the trends, and the lesser-known things about what brokerages are doing these days. It’s time to go beyond complacency and level up by identifying what you should be looking for.


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On this Episode of Lead to Close:

  • The undercurrent in the industry and how it influences behaviour
  • How long Frances has been in this industry
  • Why people become apathetic in the workplace
  • The psychological reasons why people avoid pain
  • What Frances has been noticing about model change
  • Common expectations when starting at a firm
  • Where disruption tends to happen in this industry
  • Why human connection and fulfillment is important in the workplace
  • Why you should ask about the vision before joining a brokerage
  • The number-one most important thing for new agents to consider
  • The kind of support that will make you a better broker
  • Why new brokers are tempted to sign contracts that aren’t good
  • Why Frances is passionate about duty of care
  • A red flag clause statement and what to do when it comes up
  • Why the practice of signing better contracts is a slow movement
  • Whether or not you need to be a part of a large network to have access to lender compensation
  • How accountability is increasing in the industry

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