Ep 24 Chris Kolinski Part 2

Greg and James are joined by Chris Kolinski of iSask Mortgage Brokers of Saskatoon.  

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Welcome to Lead to Close:

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This episode is a continuation of our conversation with experienced mortgage broker Chris Kolinski from iSask Mortgage Brokers Saskatoon. In this second part, Chris shares even more tips for streamlining your processes.

Chris has created certain non-negotiable boundaries in his business, and these boundaries have helped him build a client process that feels good for him both personally and professionally. This, as well as a strong tech stack inside his business, goes a long way in keeping his business running smoothly.


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On this Episode of Lead to Close:

  • How having boundaries saves the time of both you and your clients.
  • What can happen when you make exceptions to your boundaries.
  • The types of non-negotiable boundaries to consider creating.
  • How his business has changed since COVID, for the better.
  • Different opportunities for building rapport with new clients.
  • The importance of embracing technology as a broker.
  • The three platforms that have helped Chris reclaim his time.
  • The customizable CRM that Chris loves and why.
  • How much he spends monthly on his tech stack.
  • Why one-stop platforms don’t make the best solutions, plus what to use instead.
  • The best way you can utilize tech to save you time.
  • Where Chris has primarily gained the industry knowledge he has.
  • Why Chris is confident in handing other brokers his blueprint.
  • AI tech solutions that can improve your business and your life.
  • The security solutions Chris can’t live without and how they work.





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