Episode 28 Denise Laframboise (Part 2)

Greg and James are joined by Denise Laframboise, the Chief Operating Officer at BRX Mortgage.

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We’re continuing our conversation with Denise Laframboise, the Chief Operating Officer at BRX Mortgage, in this episode. BRX is unique in many ways, including their emphasis on collaboration as well as training and supporting new brokers. 

So many brokers will stay at a brokerage for the long haul—even when it’s not working. While the split at brokerages like BRX may not seem competitive, the truth is that the support built in for brokers is invaluable. During this episode, Denise shares more about what makes BRX Mortgage unique and how they attract both new brokers and industry pros.


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On this Episode of Lead to Close:

  • How moving brokerages is like leaving a marriage.
  • Why people tend to stay at their brokerages even when it’s not working out.
  • The secret to enticing experienced brokers.
  • Why a split that looks less generous may actually be more beneficial.
  • What Denise specializes in and how she shares this knowledge with new agents.
  • The importance of learning to run a business when entering the industry.
  • What you can find inside the Rookie Book and how it sets you up for success.
  • Which lenders new brokers should build relationships with and why.
  • Why the need for transparency is of especially high value in this industry.
  • The reason behind the increase in deal desks. 
  • Maintaining compliance in the industry and how brokerages are clamping down.








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