Ep 15: Mike Forshee from Glasslake Funding

Greg and James are joined by Mike Forshee President of Glasslake Funding 

Welcome to Lead to Close:

The Mortgage Professionals Podcast featuring authentic and real conversations amongst Canadian mortgage pros. Hosted by industry leaders Greg Williamson and James Loewen, with unfiltered opinions and no topic off limits, these are the conversations you wished the industry was having. On this episode of Lead to Close we’re joined by Mike Forshee, the President of Glasslake Funding. Mike has been in the mortgage industry for decades, and through relationships he’s formed in the industry, he decided to bring Glasslake into Canada in 2022. 

What he’s come to appreciate over the last year is that performance metrics in Canada are unique. While this may hinder some businesses from expanding into the Canadian market, well-heeled investors aren’t intimidated. During the episode, Mike shares what makes the approach at Glasslake different plus his advice for building strong relationships in the mortgage space.


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On this Episode of Lead to Close:

  • An introduction to Mike and how he fell into the mortgage industry.
  • Current trends in the Canadian market and how it compares to other markets.
  • The quality of applicants in Canada and what makes them especially resilient.
  • How understanding client motivations supports a successful interaction.
  • How to avoid losing credibility with a client.
  • An example of a lender cutting off brokers and why it made perfect sense.
  • Why Mike can confidently say Glasslake isn’t for everybody.
  • What led to a natural increase in appraisals recently.
  • How assuming your client will shop around can strengthen your relationship.
  • The opportunities Glasslake offers to experienced brokers they already work with.
  • Why Glasslake emphasizes staying flexible in their broker relationships.
  • The locations you can find Glasslake in and where they’re headed next.
  • The upfront research they initiated when they started business and what it revealed.
  • Why their approach is a bit of a reverse approach and how it’s supporting their growth.
  • What brokers working in smaller areas bring to the table for lenders.
  • What Mike enjoys including as part of his morning routine.



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