Ep 01: Do you have a job or a business?

This episode is all about the obstacles to scaling your business and how you can overcome them.

Welcome to Lead to Close: The Mortgage Professionals Podcast featuring authentic and real conversations amongst Canadian mortgage pros. Hosted by industry leaders James Loewen and Greg Williamson, with unfiltered opinions and no topic off limits, these are the conversations you wished the industry was having. 

This podcast episode, Do you have a job or do you have a business? This episode covers scaling your mortgage business, what James and Greg tackled first and what new mortgage brokers looking to scale should consider. This episode also touches on team structures and what to think about when choosing a brokerage. Enjoy!


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On this episode of Lead to Close:

  • A brief summary of how the podcast started.
  • How to know when it’s time for you to scale.
  • The biggest obstacle to scaling if you haven’t already done it.
  • The importance of having support in place before scaling.
  • Reasons you may want to scale that have nothing to do with money.
  • Common mental barriers to scaling.
  • What it means to “shrink the change”.
  • How scaling has allowed Greg to do what he does best.
  • The one thing that’s consistent for all mortgage brokers.
  • The motivation of scaling for freedom.
  • Top tips for new brokers or those just beginning to hit their stride.
  • Why the barrier to entry is so high in this industry.
  • What you need to think about when considering your split.
  • How the model of the industry has changed over the years.
  • Why agents and broker owners should negotiate their journey at the beginning.
  • Why Finmo was created, it’s benefits, and why you should support it.
  • New innovations that have been introduced with Finmo.
  • My Top Things segment: their favourite tools and resources right now.

    Peoples Bank: https://www.peoplesbank.ca/en/

    Finmo: https://www.lendesk.com/finmo

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