Ep 17 Sarah Mathieu from Mortgage Tech powered by BRX Mortgage Inc.

Greg and James are joined by Sarah Mathieu 

Welcome to Lead to Close:

The Mortgage Professionals Podcast featuring authentic and real conversations amongst Canadian mortgage pros. Hosted by industry leaders Greg Williamson and James Loewen, with unfiltered opinions and no topic off limits, these are the conversations you wished the industry was having.

On this episode we’re joined by broker Sarah Mathieu. She is the Operational Partner and Team Lead at BRX Mortgage, focusing heavily on business development. Perhaps as a result of this, Sarah is also the brains behind her own marketing business, My Broker Pro.

My Broker Pro offers templates and social media packages for Canadian mortgage brokers who want to improve their online presence. We’ll hear Sarah share her current marketing trends for mortgage brokers, secrets to getting your foot in the door and building relationships, plus tips for deciding which platforms and tools are best for you.


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On this Episode of Lead to Close:

  • What career path Sarah was on before entering the mortgage industry.
  • The key to breaking through the mortgage industry and why her husband joined too.
  • How Sarah and her husband manage working together.
  • When Sarah started creating templates and how she used them.
  • Why being prepared is more powerful than waiting to be asked.
  • How to capitalize on the need for human connection to create partnerships.
  • How you can use social media to get your foot in the door.
  • The experience that inspired Sarah to start My Broker Pro.
  • The biggest marketing trends for mortgage professionals today.
  • What the average mortgage broker uses social media for and why it’s a long game.
  • How knowing your target demographics can help you align with the right platforms.
  • The benefits of using a scheduling software for your social media.
  • A strategy for positioning yourself as an expert that realtors are drawn to.
  • How to leverage AI when creating your marketing materials.
  • How conscious language and asking the right questions can help you add value.
  • A tip you can use on the Canadian Mortgage App to build relationships.



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