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Finmo optimizes the digital mortgage experience, taking the admin work out of your process.

We plugged the numbers and on average, we save our brokers a minimum of three business days per year.

So far in 2021, Finmo has collected and uploaded 776,057 documents. Finmo saves brokers roughly 103,474 hours in the document collection process.


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51,464 Applications have been submitted or pushed through Finmo in 2021. With 30 minutes saved per application intake, Finmo gave our brokers back 25,732 hours in the application intake step alone.

Don't rush out the door! Have the time to enjoy:

extra hours with loved ones

2,039 Find Products searches initiated. Saving average brokers roughly 4,078 hours in the comparing products step.

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Volunteer Hours with mentees

A Mortgage in Minutes

How Jackson Middleton, James Loewen, Jeff Ingram, Patrick Sawler and Kambi Heywood get more time in their day
Application Intake

“I work with hundreds of brokers to help them establish streamlined and efficient processes. My first recommendation is always to use Finmo for application intake.”

Jackson sees brokers save

30 mins

Collect Docs
Collecting docs

“With Finmo’s smart docs collection, my team essentially has a digital assistant on hand to do this administrative task - it saves hours and hours of our time."

James and his team save

2 hrs

Borrower Qualification

“From one click credit pulls to Finmo’s built in qualifying calculator, I'm able to know within minutes if a client will qualify, and all the information I need is all in one convenient view.”

Jeff saves

10 min

Finding the Best Lender Product

“The Finmo integration with Lender Spotlight is a game changer - within minutes, I can get recommended lenders for my deal, based on the specific deal details. Even in cases when I know what lender I'm going to submit to, this is a great way to validate my findings.”

Patrick saves

30 Mins

Submitting to lender

"I have been in the industry over 26 years, and can put together a deal in my sleep. Saying that, Finmo's Lender Connect allows me to streamline my submission comment process to ensure I'm properly documenting everything to the underwriter and easily hit send."

Kambi saves

10 Mins


Is approximately what Jackson, James, Jeff, Patrick and Kambi are saving per application when doing a deal in Finmo.


Imagine how much time you could save.

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What is it about time?

“It’s not about just building technology, it’s about what we’re able to do with it - and that is not only saving brokers time, but giving them the control as to what they do with their time.”
Alex Conconi
CEO Lendesk, on the Time Campaign
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