Product Roundup

Discover our latest feature releases and how they can help you with your digital mortgage experience.
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  • New Features
  • Product Enhancements

New Features

OCTOBER 2022 | With Finmo Colour Picker you can now customize your Borrower Portal

Key Highlights:

  • Under the Team Settings > Borrower Portal, you are now able to customize your theme colours
  • Match your brand and logo. Choose any colour you want as your primary and secondary colours
  • Set your "success", "review" and"error" colours, and toggle between text colours
  • You can always reset theme to the default colours
  • The calculators control centre for all three affordability was also moved to this section

FEBRUARY 2022 | Filogix Deal Importer automatically sets up imported deals in Finmo

Some key highlights:

  • Detects subject properties and moves them to "owned properties" 
  • Sets it up ready to copy for repeat business
  • Assigns deals to the preferred team member
  • Sets the status to archived and shows the deal is an import so there's no confusion
  • Able to import up to 1,000 deals in 30 seconds

For detailed articles and step-by-step guides on this feature, visit the Finmo help center.

JANUARY 2022 | Finmo now pre-populates your submission notes for you

During the submission process, with a simple click of a button, Finmo will scan your application for you, pull out the relevant context and pre-populate your submission notes for you.


Users are able to edit the notes, if they wish, prior to sending to the lender. But, 95% of the work is done for you.


NOVEMBER 2021 | Review a specific lender policy during the submission process

Do you ever find you're about to submit a deal to a lender, but want to double check that one policy, just to ensure you're choosing the right fit for your client? By taking our Finmo and Lender Spotlight integration one step further, we're enabling you to see an overview of specific lender's policies on the Finmo submit screen. 🤩 This feature is live and ready to use. When you're in the submit stage, once you select the lender of your choice, you'll see their policies appear in the section titled 'Lender Policies'. Click the "+" button to expand.

NOVEMBER 2021 | Multiple recent releases allow you to move faster, underwriting a deal in less than 9 mins

We've introduced several new features lately, to enable you to underwrite your deal in Finmo in less than 9 mins.

Product Enhancements

DECEMBER 2021 | The Insights You Need to Scale and Optimize your Business

  • Understand where your team is growing vs. underperforming by comparing different time periods and analyzing deals submitted, submitted volume, and funded volume.
  • Is your funnel leaking? Optimize your team's key ratios (lead to completed application, completed application to funded deal, and much more).
  • Improve your efficiencies with lenders by understanding your submitted applications on Finmo and how they fund.
  • How profitable is your business? Review your average BPS in seconds.