A Canadian Mortgage Broker’s Guide to Social Media


At the Mortgage Broker conferences we’ve attended these past few years, the Broker community has seemed to be divided on the effectiveness of social media for marketing. And with good reason: for every Broker who is enjoying success by sharing on social media, there are dozens who aren’t seeing a return for their time. While there’s no denying the effect it has for a choice few influencers, it doesn’t seem to be for everyone.

Part of this divide comes down to understanding of the way these channels work, and a lack of strategy. The common thread of Brokers who network successfully on social media is an understanding of the technology, and a willingness to put the time into succeeding. To that end, we decided to create a handy Broker’s Guide to Social Media, to help bridge the gap and get more Brokers to see the value of an informed social media presence and plan.

In this Guide, we’ll offer an overview of the basics of social media publishing, as well as explore some specific tactics that Brokers can use on the various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat. Then we’ll dive even deeper and look at blogging, podcasting, video and more.

Part 1: Getting Started

What’s it all about? What is the point of this social media stuff, and how can it help Canadian Mortgage Brokers? As it turns out, it can help a lot.

The easiest way to think about social media strategy is to imagine a cocktail party. For a Broker, a cocktail party requires a delicate balance of networking, with casual reminders of one’s profession. Every time you meet new people in public it’s an opportunity to promote what you do, and potentially come away with a new relationship or even new business referral.

But no one wants to hear a hard sell at a cocktail party.

If anyone were interested in doing business with you, it’s because of you: the company you keep, the way you conduct yourself, and the impression that you make on them as someone who can help.

Social media is exactly like that, except that under the right circumstances, you can “network” in a much bigger room.

Most of your business comes from people you already know, or who are one degree removed— social media just allows you to stay familiar with all of them, and keep yourself top of mind. For that reason alone, it is a vital part of a Broker’s presence. Inaction or absence from social media is almost conspicuous at this stage, especially to younger borrowers.

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